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Sherry was born and educated in hangzhou .Hardworkingfriendly and motivated, Cherry is just as active in her personal life. Out of the office, her interests include: running, and travelling when time allows. Cherry looks forward to working with you to satisfy all of your real estate needs.
Yun Shan Jun
Size:35 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 2 days ago by Agent:Cherry

Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Living Room Kitchen

Cherry's comments:
I want to say a huge thank you to Sherry for her help and support in assisting me with the apartment renewal. She has handled everything with utmost professionalism and diligence, and is an asset to your organization.----[James][2019/5/8][Country:United Kingdom]|

on Mar 19th, 2019, Sherry helped to me to rent an apartment, very nice, and also better price. She is very friendly girl, contact with owner patiently. Tks to her.----[BADER, HAKAM MUNZER A][2019/4/18][Country:Russia]|

Great job helping me find a good apartment. Thank Sherry a lot.----[Hannah][2019/3/26][Country:United States]|

Cherry does a good job! She is very helpful. I recommend her as an apartment rental agent!----[Viacheslav][2019/2/25][Country:Russia]|

Sherry is very kind and helpful. She helped me rent an apartment and speaks English well. Very good for foreigners who need help to rent. ----[Shawna][2019/1/24][Country:Russia]|

She helped us so good. We requested her to many things,but she did quickly and flexible response and always smile. She is our good partner🙂 Thank you so much.----[Hiromi Kurata][2018/12/26][Country:Japan]|

I have always been pleased with the quick response I have had to sort any problems that I have had regarding my apartment and would recommend Cherry as a agent. She is efficient and responds quickly. I will recommend the agency to friends ----[Zoe Powell][2018/10/26][Country:United Kingdom]|

No complaints. Everything worked out well. I just came to Hangzhou from Korea yesterday and now I have an apartment! Feels great to not have that big issue to worry about. Personally, Cherry was very pleasant, helpful and willing to work out problems with me. Her English was great which helped a lot since I know almost no Chinese. Would definitely recommend to a friend.----[Ryan][2018/9/25][Country:United States]|

Cherry was very patient and helpful.----[Justin][2018/9/6][Country:United States]|

Very Friendly and helpful, has gone above and beyond and in helping us get settled in numerous occasions. Highly recommend 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Thanks for all your help Cherry 😊 ----[Michael & Kirsty Cheang-Ryan][2018/8/14][Country:New Zealand]|

Cherry was very helpful in locating a new apartment for me and my family. She was always friendly in her communication with me. She was also very helpful in arranging my new residence paperwork by not only helping me complete the forms, but also taking me to the different locations I needed to go to get the proper paperwork. Her general demeanor is very kind and friendly. She is also very patient. Her English is good enough for important communication. I never felt misunderstood. ----[Sean Armstrong][2018/7/13][Country:United States]|

Cherry was vital to me finding an apartment. She was able to show me the place I wanted on the very first day of looking. She did all the negotiating with the landlord and answered any questions I had throughout the process. It would not have been possible to find a place to live so quickly without her. ----[Erik N][2018/6/16][Country:United States]|

Cherry's Listings:
20549 Power Long City 1 bedroom/1Bath 33 3800Rmb/Month  
20589 Power Long City 1 bedroom/1Bath 47 4500Rmb/Month  
20590 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 6500Rmb/Month  
20592 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 6300Rmb/Month  
20596 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 134 8500Rmb/Month  
20598 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 6500Rmb/Month  
20624 Qiantang star city 2 bedrooms/2Bath 65 7000Rmb/Month  
20640 Qiantang star city 2 bedrooms/1Bath 43 5800Rmb/Month  
20641 Tong Run Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 38 5000Rmb/Month  
20642 Tong Run Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 5200Rmb/Month  
20645 Ease Sky Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 7900Rmb/Month  
20989 He Bin City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 7000Rmb/Month  
20683 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 47 6500Rmb/Month  
20684 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 46 7500Rmb/Month  
20691 Boyijun 1 bedroom/1Bath 56 4500Rmb/Month  
20692 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 5500Rmb/Month  
21410 ShenYue International 1 bedroom/1Bath 30 3500Rmb/Month  
21411 GANG HUI ZHONG XING 1 bedroom/1Bath 40 3200Rmb/Month  
21413 Rainbow city 2 bedrooms/1Bath 92 6000Rmb/Month  
21414 The Starry City 2 bedrooms/1Bath 60 7300Rmb/Month  
21415 Ginko 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 8000Rmb/Month  
21419 QianJiangYuFu 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89 12000Rmb/Month  
21421 Yun Shan Jun 1 bedroom/1Bath 35 3500Rmb/Month  


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