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Orientation Services

Orientation Services

Our services here fall in to three sections:

As early as possible, often when the move is only a possibility, we take you on an City Tour, during which our Orientation consultant visits the various residential areas, passing schools, shops, hospitals and so forth. We also go a little into the basic geography and history of the region, and discuss the practicalities of living in Hang Zhou. We can also schedule specific school appointments  - the programme will be devised to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Once the family are here to stay we then focus on getting you familiar with the main streets and shopping areas. We like to point out that we receive no commissions from any of the shops or services that we recommend - our advice is based on our own personal experience and satisfied client feed-back.

1:Welcome To Hangzhou

2. ¡°Hangzhou is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world.¡± Marco Polo once said. And there is also an old Chinese saying, ¡°Above is heaven, below is Su Hang¡±, in which Hang refers to Hangzhou. Nowadays, Hangzhou is one of China's most important tourist venues with its beauty and cultural heritage. It is the political, economic and cultural center of Zhejiang province as well.

3. Shuguang Road is a street with strong cultural atmosphere, along which are Zhejiang Concert Hall,Hanglong Hotel, Yellow Dragon Cave, Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel named Zhejiang World trade Center Grand Hotel before, Zhejiang Library,Zhejiang Children¡¯Library, Yellow Dragon Sports Center, Men Er Teahouse and so on.

4. Hangzhou Grand Theatre: Designed by internationally known Canadian architect Carlos Ott., Hangzhou Grand Theatre covers 100,000 square meters with a total construction area of 55,000 square meters. It consists of an opera house, a concert hall, a multifunction hall, an open air stage and a culture square. Being one of China's most modern cultural showplaces and Hangzhou City's premier event venue, Hangzhou Grand Theatre is famous for its unique architecture, perfect performing function and advanced stage design.

6. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital aims to provide the community with an internationally accepted standard of uniform excellence of care and has implemented a style of management that integrates Chinese and Western cultures. SRRSH offers full service medical care to its international patients through the International Service Clinic (ISC). the ISC is staffed by bilingual nurses who speak both English & Chinese. If you need to see a specialist, please speak with their nurse receptionists to find the field you need. SRRSH has 34 medical specialties and English speaking doctors from each field are able to see you.

7. Ivy Dental Clinic is located at the cross of Feiyunjiang Road and Zhijiang Road in the new Central Business District of Hangzhou, where is regarded as a luxury business and resident zone. The practice group in Ivy Dental Clinic is leaded by a few dentists with rich clinical experience, who graduated from the most famous universities in China, just like Peking University or Zhejiang University. Even some dentists got the further education of dentistry in Germany or Korea. International therapy techniques, quality standard and professional management were brought into China, into Ivy Dental Clinic. The advanced digital X-ray radiography system and dental equipments were offered during the procedure of diagnosis and treatment. In our comfortable surrounding you can get the most safety and comfortable dental service without pain and scare. The foreigners would great benefit from our staffs with the language skills of English, German and Korean. Our service includes: Cosmetic dentistry, implant, restoration, root canal treatment, orthodontic, pediatric dentistry, ect.

8. The Foreign Language Bookstore, located on Fengqi road just a little bit east of Yan¡¯an road, has new digs. Unfortunately, it no longer specializes in foreign languages but is pretty much the standard mega bookstore. There are a few gems though, like the collection of Lonely Planets. There are also English versions of National Geographic. Lots of English novels on the second floor along with language learning and teaching aids if you¡¯re looking for help in the classroom. Located on Fengqi road just a little bit east of Yan¡¯an road.

9. Hubin Road and Nanshan Road, located at the central area of city center, are comined with both modern and troditional cultural atmosphere, along which are lots of resturants, hotels, banks, tourist attractions, entertainment venues, etc. For example, for resturants: Hao Shang Hao Steakhouse(western food), Lou Wai Lou(Chinese food), Fugang Japanese Cuisine; for hotels: Hyatt Regency Hangzhou Hotel, Hangzhou Ramada Hotel, and for tourist: West Lake, Melting Snow Hanging Over the Broken Bridge, Orioles Singing in Ripples of Willows, Leifeng Pagoda Standing in the Sunset, etc.

--West Lake is located in the western area of Hangzhou City's historic center. There are dozens of lakes called West Lake worldwide, but "West Lake" usually refers to the Hangzhou West Lake. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides with the capacity about 14,290,000 cubic meters. The beauty of the West Lake lies in its charm that survives the change of seasons in a year and of hours in a day. Among its beautiful sights, the most famous sites are the Ten Sights in West Lake and the Ten New Sights in West Lake, which are known as the Double-Ten Sights in West Lake.

West Lake is not only famous for its picturesque landscape, it is also associated with many scholars, national heroes and revolutionary martyrs, thus embracing many aspects of Chinese culture. In addition, many ancient buildings, stone caves and engraved tablets in surrounding areas are among the most cherished national treasures of China, with significant artistic value.


-One of the most significant seneries in Xi Hu is Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, It is the largest isle in the West Lake. The isle is elegant, harmonizing nature and man-made landscape. The beauty of the scenic spot is the moon in the sky, in the water and in the heart of onlookers. The three stone miniature pagodas standing in the lake off the isle are presumably the best place for moon viewing. On the night of the Autumn Moon Festival, the isle and its three miniature pagodas are the best attraction for moon spectators.
The view of the three stone pagodas is printed on one yuan¡¯s Chinese RMB paper currency.

- Hangzhou Xihu Tiandi, located at the southern bank of West Lake, is a leisure destination embracing the deep history and culture of the city of Hangzhou. Combining the superlative natural beauty in this area with modern living elements, Xihu Tiandi aims to create a public space. Boutiques selling international brands, up-market restaurants serving variety of local flavors, bars fill the area.

Capitalizing on the area's stunning natural beauty, Xihu Tiandi's designers innovatively combined modern elements and Hangzhou's traditional garden architecture by perfectly utilizing large-scale glass, which allows the setting's natural wonder to be fully on display for visitors to enjoy year-round. Virtually anywhere you place yourself at Xihu Tiandi, a glorious view of the West Lake scenery presents itself before you.

Most of the old houses have been transformed into attractive commercial venues- international standard restaurants, clubs and cultural spots -while maintaining their original charm.

A leisurely walk at night around this area will prove a surreal experience. Most of all it is one of the best place to enjoy the night scenery of the West Lake.

10. Cafes in Hangzhou normally fit a Hangzhou norm and do not always resemble a cafe in the West. Places like Liangan and UBC serve Western food, which is pretty inedible to a Western palette. Coffee is expensive and usually made over a candle, more for novelty than for good coffee. Some of the more 'international' style cafes are listed here.

Costa Coffee, located in the West Lake Tiandi, serves coffee drinks, sandwiches and pastries in a suave atmosphere with free Wi-Fi. Try to score one of the incredibly comfortable couches.

Linglong Town, located on Nanshan Road to the west of most of the bars. Has large smoothies that are excellent for hot days. The restaurant also has many types of tea and good-tasting Taiwanese fare.

Jamaica Coffee, in West Lake Tiandi, is owned by a Spanish company and has high quality coffee and tea and some snacks.

Fotoyard, Nanshan Rd and Qianwangci, is managed by a bunch of photographers who are better at photos than managing a cafe, but the pizza is good, and the coffee by Illy. When the weather permits, it's an open air cafe and quite nice in the spring time.

Chamate, Wulin Square / Yellow Dragon Stadium / West Lake Tiandi (south), is a Taiwanese version of Starbucks where tea replaces coffee as the beverage of choice. An excellent place to sample a wide variety of green and oolong teas from the comprehensive picture menu. Each tea is served in its own characteristic style teapot along with plentiful hot (mineral) water. If the tea isn't enough, shaved ice red bean dessert, stinky tofu and Wi-Fi access are all available too.

11. Life in Hangzhou is colorful, if you want to entertain , some bars or clubs with different tastes and styles are suggested as follows:

You To, Shuguang Rd. One of the most successful bars in Hangzhou, run by a man who has made several bars popular. You To is busy every day with a local drinking crowd. Loud live music, busy atmosphere, and cheerful, friendly staff.

Maya Bar, 94 Baishaquan Rd and Shuguang Rd, is a popular expat watering hole with large servings of drinks and a simple bar menu.

7 Club, Shuguang Road. located behind the flower shop opposite Yellow Dragon Hotel, is small local pub popular with expats a foreign students alike. Normally contains a quieter atmosphere and specializes in hard-to-find imported bottle beers.

G+, in the Wahaha Building on Qingchun Road. The more sophisticated of the big clubs, catering to slightly better heeled 20-30's crowd.

Shamrock Irish Pub, Jiefang Rd and Jianguo Rd. More a sports bar, but without the TVs. Good pub food on the menu some live music on weeknights.

Medusa, Gucui Rd. An informal hip-hop club managed by expats. Good for a young expat crowd and cheap drinks served in a fun atmosphere. Great place to meet other travellers.

Coco, Wangtang Road and Wensan West Road. Smaller club on the West side that attracts many expats. Music is more alternative for Hangzhou, and usually there are foreign DJs

JZ Club, 6 Liuying Road (Nanshan Road), is one of the most sophisticated bars in Hangzhou, with live jazz performances every night and a range of beers, cocktails and wines.

Modern Shopping

The major shopping streets are Jiefang Road, Yan¡¯an Road and Wulin Gate/Square, Wushan Square. Luxurious brand such as Hermes, Versace and Giorgio Armani can be found near the West Lake. Shops such as Vero Moda, Only and Adidas are also located nearby. Wulin Road is every female¡¯s paradise where stores carrying female fashions line the street.

The entire Yan¡¯an Road is a common shopping area. There are two squares at the two end of the road, and many small stores are on the road between the two squares.


Wulin Square: At the northern end of Yan¡¯an Road and surrounded by several large stores -- Hangzhou Tower, Hangzhou Department Store, In Time Department store (Wulin Square Branch), and GDA Palaza. This is a shopping paradise for every female as shops here carry a wide variety of ladies¡¯ style and fashion.

- In Time Department Store, The most popular (read crowds) department store to shop in town. Lots of brand name cosmetics, watches, shoes, clothes, etc.

Wushan Square: At the southern end of Yan¡¯an Road. There are also several big store such as Hangzhou Jieba Department Store, In Time Department store (West Lake Branch), Yuanhua Department Store, Hefang Street

-Hefang Street is a marketplace where traditional Chinese products such as silk, tea, Chinese medicine, paintings, earthenware teapots called zisha, fans and so on, are sold, with a really great snack street just to the east of the obnoxiously located McDonald's. The street stretches from Wushan Square all the way down to Zhonghe road. Many of the shop houses date back to the Ming (1368-1644 AD) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties so a walk down this historical street will not only bring visitors back to the past, but also offer a taste of cultural shopping.


Shopping Mall

-Carrefour, a big supermaket, is located at 137 Yan ' an South Road, Yongjin Plaza Basement. Carrefour brands are comparable in quality of perhaps better-known market leaders, yet they boast of innovative, value-added features that enhances the quality of life. All product categories are represented by the Carrefour Brand, from daily necessities such as cheese and pasta, to cosmetics and clothing.

- Hangzhou MIXC is located at the CBD of Hangzhou, the cross of Qingchun East Rd and Qianjiang Rd..

The Mixc Mall is a large-scale mixed development, with multiple functions including retail, leisure, F&B, entertainment, office, hotel and residence. Hangzhou MIXC represents a new kind of modern development, and a sophisticated lifestyle. The project concentrates and integrates a city¡¯s essential elements, with a one-stop approach of providing all products and services related to modern city life: from residence, office, retail to entertainment, sociality and leisure. The development is set to become a new symbol for the city.

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