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------ Aviation:


Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is a key trunk line airport, a tourism city airport and an international scheduled flight airport of China, as well as a first class airport for openness to the outside world. Its passenger throughput is among top-10 in China, freight and post throughput ranks 9th in China. It has established direct flights to more than 40 domestic cities, and international flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and Hong Kong and Macao.

From Downtown of Hangzhou city

From the airport to Wulin Gate:
Address of Wulin gate(CAAC ticket office): 390 Tiyuchang road
1.One bus every 30 minutes from 07:00 to 09:30
2.One bus every 15 minutes from 09:30 to 17:30
3.One bus every 30 minutes after 17:00
4.15 minutes and 30 minutes is the waiting time(from the first passenger getting on the bus)
Route: Xiaoshan international airport —- Hangzhou Railway Station —- Marco Polo hotel —- Wulin gate(CAAC ticket office)
From Wulin gate(CAAC ticket office):
1.One bus every 30 minutes from 05:30 to 09:00
2.One bus every 15 minutes from 09:00 to 17:00
3.One bus every 30 minutes from 17:00 to 20:00
4.15 minutes and 30 minutes is the waiting time(from the first passenger getting on the bus)
Route: Wulin gate(CAAC ticket office) —- Zhongshan grand hotel —- Hangzhou railway station —- Xiaoshan international airport People who want to take plane should be at Wulin Gate at lease 2 hours in advance.
It takes about 80 minutes between Wulin Gate and Xiaoshan international airport, and the fee is 15 yuan.

------ Bus:

East Bus Station︱汽车东站

Addr: 71 Genshan west Rd. 艮山路71号
Bus: No. 20/K20, X2, K618, K304, K55, 818, 842/K842,K47, K56, K677, K293, Y7, 309, 35/K35, K286, K518, 523, 805, K320, K509, 31/K31, X1, 326, K516, 317/K317, 19/K19, 33/K33, 864, K106, K105, Y5, B1, B-2
Night bus: K205, K201, K202, K223, K215 Tel: 0571-86964011
Bus mainly to: Ningbo , Jiaxing, Shanghai Xiaoshan萧山, Haining海宁, Haiyan海盐, Xin’anjiang新安江, Fuyang富阳, Keqiao柯桥, Shaoxing绍兴, Jiaxing嘉兴, Jiashan嘉善, Jiading嘉定, Shangyu上虞, Chengzhou嵊州, Pinghu平湖, Xinchang新昌
Wuzhen乌镇, Tongxiang桐乡
Shanghai上海, Zhujiajian朱家尖(定海,沈家门,朱家尖), Shanghai Hengfeng Rd. 恒丰路, Pudong浦东
Suzhou苏州(北), 连云港Lianyungan
Xianju仙居, Sanmen三门
Jiaojiang椒江, Tiantai天台, Wenling温岭, Yuhuan玉环, Huangyan黄岩, Luqiao路桥
Ningbo宁波, Beilun北仑, Zhenhai镇海, Cixi慈溪, Fenghua奉化, Yuyao余姚(西), Xiangshan象山, Ninghai宁海
Shengsi嵊泗, Shipu石浦
Beijing北京, Shijiazhuang石家庄
Dongying东营, Linqi临沂, Weifang潍坊, Jinan济南, Qingdao青岛, Zibo淄博, Yantai烟台
Wuhan武汉, Yichang宜昌

South Bus Station︱汽车南站

Address: 407 Qiutao Road, near the intersection of Qiutao Road and Dongbao Road. 秋涛路407号, 秋涛路和东宝路交叉口
Tel: 0571-86075352
Bus: No. K808, K196, 39/K39, 71/K71, 520, 60/K60, K519, 322/K322, 59/K59, K836, 44/K44, K566, 864, 864, K536, 20/K20, 14/K14 Night bus: K216, K202
Ticket delivery:86981111 (deliver ticket within the city; charge 2rmb/ticket for delivery within 24hrs)
Jinhua金华, Zhuji诸暨, Yiwu义乌, Wuyi武义, Pujiang浦江, Lanxi兰溪, Dongyang东阳, Hengdian横店, Yongkang永康,
Wenzhou温州, Yueqing乐清, Rui’an瑞安, Dongtou洞头, Longgang龙港, Taishun泰顺
Lishui丽水, Qingtian青田
Guangzhou广州, Shantou汕头, Shenzhen深圳
Fuzhou福州, Xiamen厦门

West Bus Station︱汽车西站

Addr: 357 Tian mu shan Rd. 天目山路357号
Bus: No. 49/k49, 830, 502/K502, K506, K91, /K102, /K193, K853, K598, K179, B-2, K310, K356, k70
Night bus: K213
xin’an jiang新安江 tong lu桐庐, jiang shan江山sui chang i遂昌, Song yang松阳,
Qu zhou衢州, Long you龙游, Yellow mountain黄山

North Bus Station︱汽车北站

Addr: 766 Moganshan Rd. 莫干山路766号
Bus: No. 313, 845, 67/K67, 526/K526, J18, K637, 15/K15, 333/K333, K188, K516, K555, B-1, K831, K95, K76, 503/K503
Night bus: K204
Tel:0571-86046666/ 88093099
Chengxing长兴, Wukang武康, Huzhou湖州, Anji安吉, Tianhuang Ping天荒坪,
Weihai威海, Dongying东营, Linqi临沂, Weifang潍坊, Jinan济南, Qingdao青岛
Nanjing南京, Suzhou苏州(mainly to Suzhou north Station), Wuxi无锡, Kunshan昆山, Yangzhou扬州, Zhangjiagang张家港, Dafeng大丰,
Changshu常熟, Changzhou常州, Zhenjiang镇江, Nantong南通, Nanxun南浔, Tongli同里
Hefei合肥, Wuhu芜湖
Beijing北京, Shjiazhuang石家庄
Wuhan武汉, Yichang宜昌
Hangzhou杭州 - Shanghai上海 Hot
How to get there
Bus Station: Hangzhou East Bus Station︱杭州汽车东站, 71 Genshan west Rd. 艮山路71号
Bus to Shanghai
Price: 58 yuan
Total Time: It takes about 2 hours from Hangzhou to Shanghai
Terminal Station: Shanghai Bus Station
Terminal Station: Shanghai Main Bus Station
Terminal Station: Shanghai Hengfeng Road Bus Station
Terminal Station: Shanghai Railways Station Bus Station
Terminal Station: Shanghai Pudong Bus Station
Terminal Station: Shanghai Xujiahui Bus Station
Hangzhou杭州 - Ningbo宁波 Hot
How to get there
Bus Station: Hangzhou East Bus Station︱杭州汽车东站, 71 Genshan west Rd. 艮山路71号
Bus to Ningbo
Price: 52 yuan
Total Time: It takes about 2 hours from Hangzhou to Ningbo

------ Train:


As a key railroad hub in southeast China, Hangzhou, based on Hu-Hang and Zhe-Gan complex lines and Xuan-Hang line as trunk lines and Xiao-Yong line, Jin-Gan line and Hang-Chang line as the branch lines, has connected to the national railroad network.

Train Schedule - (Hangzhou - Shanghai)

April 8, 2008

all the train routes between Hangzhou and Shanghai listed below are D train (D means the train is CRH(China Railway High-Speed))

From Hangzhou to Shanghai

Hangzhou Railway Station - Shanghai South Railway Station

Train No Depart Arrive Total Time

D654 07:40 09:08 1h28
D658 10:00 11:18 1h18
D660 11:32 12:50 1h18
D668 13:21 14:44 1h23
D670 14:55 16:18 1h23
D672 20:41 21:59 1h18
D678 17:25 18:43 1h18
D680 18:18 19:36 1h18
D686 10:59 12:18 1h19
D676 16:00 17:32 1h32
D656 16:51 18:23 1h32

Hangzhou Railway Station - Shanghai Railway Station

Train No Depart Arrive Total Time

D472 08:25 10:02 1h37
D652 17:30 19:17 1h47

From Shanghai to Hangzhou

Shanghai South Railway Station - Hangzhou Railway Station

Train No Depart Arrive Total Time

D653 07:40 09:08 1h28
D657 09:30 10:48 1h18
D663 11:45 13:03 1h18
D665 13:12 14:35 1h23
D667 13:07 14:25 1h23
D675 16:40 17:58 1h18
D681 19:03 20:21 1h18
D683 20:01 21:25 1h24
D685 07:25 08:43 1h19
D673 14:07 15:41 1h34
D655 14:58 16:27 1h29
D655 21:35 23:07 1h32

Shanghai Railway Station - Hangzhou Railway Station

Train No Depart Arrive Total Time

D471 15:05 16:43 1h38
D651 19:37 21:20 1h43
D475 20:10 21:53 1h43

Shanghai South Railway Station - Hangzhou East Railway Station

Train No Depart Arrive Total Time

D109/D112 15:45 17:00 1h18

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