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Home Search and On-going Support Corporate Service Car Rental
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Moving/Packaging School and kindergarten Searching R/O Setting up
Home Search and On-going Support
At Hangzhou Home (Plus Real Estate), we ensure that our discerning clients have a smooth experience in searching for their new homes or investment properties. Our agents are professional and have in-depth understanding of the local property market to fulfil our client's needs. We also have a team of multilingual agents dedicated to serve newcomers to Hang Zhou.

Our home finding services include:

• Property Viewing
• Lease Negotiation
- Review of Legal Documentation
• Settling-in
• On-going Support

Our consultants:

• Are highly experienced, meaning your company and staff will be in safe hands.
• Save you money by negotiating fiercely with landlords.
• Have extensive intelligence and knowledge of the local market.
• Save time by being 100% committed to helping our clients settle in quickly.
• Understand expat needs and communicate clearly with excellent English.
• Have the support of advanced management tools and a professional team.
• Understand corporate housing policies, anticipating your needs and saving your time and effort.

Prior to your home search trip
A PLUS consultant will contact you to introduce themselves and:
• Review your needs based on your completed home search needs assessment and your initial call to PLUS Relocation
• Confirm your home search dates
• Screen and preview properties
• Prepare a detailed schedule and proposal for your review and approval

During your home search trip
On the agreed date of your home search we will:
• Meet you at your hotel and provide comfortable transportation for the home search tour
• Give you the PLUS welcome pack and review its contents with you
• Provide you with a final itinerary and review it with you. We will show you on a map where the properties we will view are located
• Provide you with a detailed checklist for every property you will view
• Accompany your and give you a general orientation of the neighborhood
• Advise on location of property and convenience of transportation, local shops and services
• Discuss your likes and dislikes at the end of the day and make appropriate changes to the following day¨s itinerary

After housing has been selected (prior to move in)
1. Walkthrough and lease negotiations
PLUS will
• Advise you on local real estate practices, including security deposit requirements, etc
• Advise on how much negotiation is possible depending on market area
• Conduct a final walkthrough of the property with you to identify repairs to be done and other requirements
• Review lease to ensure all leases are appropriate
• Explain terms and requirements for lease
• Coordinate lease signatures, security deposit payment and rental
2. Pre-inspection
PLUS will:
• Advise you on local real estate practices, such as security deposit requirements, etc
• Meet with the landlord and check all items by following standard check-in process and ensure all repairs are done properly
• Clear up pending utility bills and assist with connecting utilities ready for move in day
• Pre-inspection report prior to your move in
• Issue a welcome letter (including items to bring for move in)
• Accompany check in and support all necessary registration
• Start PLUS courtesy 24/7 tenancy management services

Corporate Service
The Corporate Service Team at Hangzhou Home (Plus Real Estate) is devoted to identifying and meeting our corporate clients' needs and serving as the focal point of contact for the corporate HR and assignees alike. It also serves to manage the expectations of both the assignees and HR executives.

Our services include but are not limited to :
• Sending welcome notes to assignees on their arrival,
• Matching assignees with suitable agents,
• Reporting to HR executives of the program status,
• Ensuring assignees are housed within costs and company guidelines,
• Assisting in school search,
• Arranging orientation tours and settling-in programs when required,
• Coordinating with all parties involved to make communications simple and efficient in the home finding and relocation processes;
• Last but not least, delivering the best services to our Corporate clients and their assignees.

Car Rental

Pick-up at designated place(airport, train station...)
Pick-up at fixed time(after school, after work...)
Regular car rental(every day, week days, weekends,certain days a week...)
With driver or only car(if you can¨t driver, or you don¨t want to drive)
Long/short trip, in town or outside town(visiting factories or suppliers)

Our services during your car rental
Contact you at the first minute to learn your needs and requirements, and then make a personalized car rental plan and offer;
Necessary translation service during your car rental;
Arrange car and driver arrive at designated place on time
Assist to sign car rental agreement
Help with insurance claims(have never happened until now, in case it happens, we are by your side)
Airport Pick-up: 200RMB/time
In other cases, it depends on car type, distance,time and driver.

Maid Introducing

1 flexible options based on your preferences: hourly/regular/monthly/home-stay maid;
2 our maids can do: ordinary cleaning, baby-sitting,cooking, and ironing clothes.
3 English-speaking maids are also available.

Our service comes with maid introduced by us.
1contact you to learn your requirements about maid, then search maids by your standards.
2 if you are looking for regular maid, we will arrange maid interview.
3 prepare maid service agreement based on both parties¨ interests
4 translation assistance within agreement period.
1 Hourly Maid: 40RMB/hour
2 Regular/monthly/home-stay: 80% maid¨s one month salary for one year. if our services are still needed after one year, the amount of service provided in the year past decides service fee in next year.

Satellite TV and internet set up

1 Various satellite TV packages, catering to different country¨s customer. Price ranges from 1600-3600RMB.
2 Internet
Company and speed options: China Telecom(the most popular one), China Mobile, China Unicom
3 Provide router and set up wifi in your apartment.
Our responsibilities
For Satellite TV: according to your nationality and your favorite channels, we will recommend you most suitable and ideal package.
For internet, we will demonstrate advantages and disadvantages of each internet provider, then you decide which provider you want to use and what speed you need based on if fiber optical is available in your compound.
For Wifi, we will make a wifi set-up plan according to your apartment¨s size,
We provide repair application and repair assistance.
Remind you of satellite/internet expiring date in case they break off surprisingly.
1 Internet: 200/year
2 Satellite TV: only charge satellite TV
3 Wifi: 500RMB/Router, including 1 year after service. Only 800RMB for 2 router.

Visa /Work Permit

Moving Provide cartons, packing and unpacking service. Extremey carefu with your furniture.


  Provide cartons, packing and unpacking service. Extremey carefu with your
Schoo/Kindergarten Searching for free

City Orientation

Content: Our agent will contact you to find out your personal interest and needs and make you a 100% customized tour plan.
Our Job
Make a tour plan based on your communication with us.
Provide you tour template and final itinerary.
2500RMB/day including lunch
4500RMB/day including lunch


Poice Station Registration

  Poice Station Registration
We wi prepare the documents needed and register for you.
Fee: 300/time

Driver icense Appication

  Driver icense
Required documents:
Visa of minimum 90 days stay.
Vaid driver icence appied in own country
Poice registeration form
Fee: 1000/person

R/O Set Up


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PLUS REAL ESTATE aims at taking care of expatriates in Hangzhou. We offer extensive support and assistance to both corporate and individual clients in their relocation to Hangzhou. We provide a comprehensive set of real estate services through a service-led approach.
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We are not only finding the right homes but also doing the on-going support for the client¨s daily life. Our professional and responsive working attitude have been widely accepted by our clients.
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PLUS is run by an energetic and responsible team of real estate professionals, with local and international working experience .No matter where you are from ,we will try our best to meet your requirements .The team provide excellent after-sale services for all clients.
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Our exclusive and up-to-date home-finding Website offers an extensive listing database, covering luxury houses, flats and serviced apartments .
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