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Tina has been in Hangzhou for more than 7 years . She joined PLUS in 2010 as Customer Services , Tina has established herself as an honest, friendly and proficient after-sale service . She made the move into Real Estate wanting to provide families with a level of service and honest advice that she found sorely lacking in her own relocation experience.
During this time she has acquired a wealth of invaluable work experience and has built a strong and loyal business network. She provides quick and accurate information to client inquiries, flexible scheduling to meet client demands and effective home finding assistance . Her warm and friendly personality along with her determination to insure her clients' needs are taken care of, make Tina an effective and reliable agent.

Greentown Liu Xiang Yuan
Size:119 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 909 days ago by Agent:Tina

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Qiantang star city
Size:60 m2
Layout:2 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 916 days ago by Agent:Tina

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Jiang Bin Garden
Bin Jiang District
Size:130 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 917 days ago by Agent:Tina

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Size:89 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 917 days ago by Agent:Tina

Internal Condition Internal Condition Internal Condition

Tina's comments:
Tina is a very patient agent who not only helps me find a nice apartment, but also quickly solves all the problems in my apartment each time!----[Kim][2021/12/29][Country:South Korea]|

l’m very pleased with Tina’s work. She is very professional.👍----[Mhairi][2021/12/21][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina is extremely professional, helpful, kind and supportive. She completely understood what we were after in a new apartment and spent a lot of time working on finding us a great deal. Since moving in, she has been on hand to help us out with anything we need. Really happy and delighted to be working with her. Would thoroughly recommend. ----[Victoria O’Donnell][2021/10/28][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina has been fantastic with helping my wife and I settle into our new home in Hangzhou. The process was quick and smooth and massive credit has to go to Tina for helping with this, especially when we don’t speak the language very well. She is always on call when we have any issues and she’s made us feel at home due to her constant support. Tina managed to find us the most beautiful apartment, which is exactly to our requirements in one of the best locations in Hangzhou. She worked tirelessly to make sure we got this apartment and helped us through every step of the process. I would highly recommend using Hangzhou Housing and Tina if you are ever looking for an apartment - she is terrific. ----[Christy ODonnell][2021/10/27][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina has been so helpful and accommodating. Nothing is too much trouble! She helped with the whole process before I arrived in Hangzhou, during my quarantine period and is always available to answer any questions. I could not recommend Tina highly enough. Thank you for everything you have done for me. ----[Rebecca Hatton][2021/9/2][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina was really helpful, time efficient and sought an apartment that fits all my needs. Both her and Robert supported me in finding and securing an apartment before I arrived in China and they helped to prepare everything so I could settle in quickly. With quarantine restrictions, I think Tina has gone above and beyond her duties as an agent and has made everything much easier for me as a stranger to the country. I am forever grateful to her for making this process as easy as it could be in light of the Pandemic problems. Highly recommended! ----[Jenny][2021/9/1][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina is super professional and goes above and beyond for her clients, very kind and wonderful at her profession! The amount of patience she had, to deal with all my requests and more, is incredible! You are the best and I would recommend Tina for all Foreign ex-pats looking for a hardworking English speaking agent who will give 120% in all aspects of her field of work! Tina, I just want to thank you so much for finding and helping us with our amazing new apartment we are beyond happy with this one! You are the best and we wish you great success and many new clients! Thank you once again! ❤️👏😁💯----[Robert][2021/7/21][Country:South Africa]|

Working with Tina has been easy and stress-free. After describing my ideal apartment to her, she provided a large number of options. She arranged viewings at a time convenient for me and was professional and efficient during the process. ----[Charlotte][2021/6/30][Country:United Kingdom]|


Tina has been so helpful, she understood what I wanted, showed me around - negotiated a great deal and got the things I needed! Tina always provides a high service for her clients, supporting us to communicate with the landlord/and all other daily thing such as tv/internet/repairs etc couldn’t ask for a better service! ***highly recommend working with Tina for your housing needs! Thank you Tina ----[Danielle][2021/4/23][Country:United Kingdom]|

Very good help and service. She quickly understood my needs and found a very nice apartment for me! Also kept following and helping me after signing contract! Thank you very much Tina!----[Antonio][2021/3/31][Country:Italy]|

My wife and I have had a great experience with Plus and specially with Tina. We were struggling looking for a home in Hangzhou. Thanks to her we found what we were looking for. Tina is always willing to help and solve the different situations that may arise. Thank you. ----[Luis M.][2021/3/9][Country:Spain]|

Tina did a wonderful job helping me negotiate and communicate with the landlord. I’ve found a perfect apartment! ----[Sandra][2021/2/23][Country:United States]|

I really want to highly praise Tina’s excellent service attitude and professionalism, which really made arriving in Hangzhou from abroad for me very smooth, inspite of the very strict quarantine regulations for newcomers from abroad amidst the Covid pandemic. Tina not only did an outstanding job in settling all administrative and preparation work that made moving into my rented apartment extra easy, but she also went out.of her way to arrange the delivery of some general household necessities that i could not go out to get myself due to the quarantine rules. Any open questions or topics I had were answered promptly and taken care of immediately and I am truly delighted by Tina’s strong customer oriented support. I am indeed a very pleased and happy client. Well done! Cheers. Wolfgang----[Wolfgang][2021/2/7][Country:Austria]|

Tina found a nice apartment for me and she continued to help me during the lease period. Thank you ! ----[Hernan Calero][2021/2/5][Country:Mexico]|

Tina is a very responsible agent and she is always very patient. I am very happy and satisfied for what she found for me. Thank you Tina! ----[Rob][2021/2/4][Country:United Kingdom]|



Very professional worker! she has a lot of experience in real estate. She helped me before, during and after the rental. she patiently finds the solution to every little or big problem. Xie xie Tina Mauro----[Mauro][2021/1/1][Country:Italy]|

----[Bojan][2020/12/24][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina is a lovely agent and is always willing to help. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for an apartment. She also very punctual and does her best to get everthing sorted in an efficient manner. Thanks Tina. ----[Siobhan Brown][2020/11/2][Country:South Africa]|


Great support, outstanding service. It is the second time that I rent an apartment with Plus in Hangzhou. Tina has negotiated the best price comparing to other agencies. Thank you!!----[Julio Garcia][2020/10/28][Country:Spain]|

Tina has helped us to find our current apartment. She is a really nice person with a charming character who kindly adapted to our tight schedule during the visits. She has also coordinated some repairs and negotiations with the landlord on behalf of us and, besides, once established in Hangzhou she has also helped us to register selflessly in the police. I highly recommend her assistance and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact PLUS again in case I need to find another apartment in the future. ----[Jorge][2020/10/26][Country:Spain]|

Tina was so helpful when sorting out the details of our apartment. She kept me up-to-date with all the progress with regular photos and messages. She was excellent at negotiating all of the western extras that we were after such as a dishwasher and oven. Tina made the whole process really easy for us and even went out if her way to help us set up our mobile phones and helped translating with our ayi. I can highly recommend Plus Housing, they are very efficient and accommodating! ----[Emily][2020/9/30][Country:United Kingdom]|


Tina has been absolutely amazing with the transition into my new apartment. While the previous tenant was still moving out, Tina was focused on making sure I was in comfortably and that the small details were taken care of. All maintenance concerns were dealt with promptly within 24 hours of moving in and funeral followups were initiated by her. The move went as smoithly as possible because of her ? ----[Kaitlin][2020/8/6][Country:United States]|

Tina has been very efficient in organising apartment viewings and recommending suitable places. As a result of her work, I found the perfect home in the most convenient location. Thank you Tina!----[Lois][2020/8/6][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina helped me a lot! I’ve had a lot of trouble in the past finding decent apartments on my own. Tina was very friendly, answering all of my questions and helping me with whatever I needed. She helped me find a great apartment and it was everything I was looking for. Thank you, Tina. ----[Hunter][2020/7/31][Country:United States]|

Tina has been a wonderful agent and person to deal with. She has been very patient with my family and I and has sourced a perfect apartment compound for us. Her friendly attitude and willingness to go above and beyond has made the move to Hangzhou easy and less stressful. Not only is she a great agent but a kind,genuine person as well. ----[Wayne][2020/7/30][Country:New Zealand]|

Tina was a great negotiater and she found me exactly what I wanted for my budget. She gave me lots of options and explained the benefits of each property to help me make my decision. The process was stress free and I am extremely glad of the service I recieved. I would 100% reccomend her!----[Dan R-L][2020/6/28][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina has been very helpful in finding us an apartment and any further help we required. Thanks Tina----[Sara][2020/6/28][Country:Russia]|

----[][2020/5/28][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina is great at her Job. She was super patient and was able to find the exact place i wanted. I can’t thank her enough. Keep up the great work!----[Eric][2020/5/25][Country:United States]|

Tina is a very helpful, warm-hearted, responsible agent who really gave me prompt support whenever I needed. She is undoubtedly a wonderful asset to the brand image of PLUS housing agency. ----[Kim][2020/4/21][Country:Russia]|

Thanks for translating between me and my tenant. I wish we can cooperate again in the future.----[Dawei Yang][2020/2/24][Country:China]|

Tina has been a great help & organized everything I asked for very quickly. She was very well organized & friendly. I very much appreciate her efforts in helping me finding a great apartment here in Hangzhou. I will highly recommend her! Thanks a lot again Tina! Best regards, Sarah----[Sarah][2020/1/18][Country:Austria]|

Tina is very proactive and helpful. The work is done in due time without delay. Thanks Tina. ----[Bibek][2019/12/29][Country:India]|

Tina is such a friendly professional with a genuine helpful approach when it comes to deal with others. She was incredibly kind and helpful to me and my husband. Tina spent a month, patiently showing us places for us to consider and put up with our strict requests, again, very patiently. She is still being very helpful after sealing the deal and has offered to keep helping us in case we need her in the future. Also her honest and transparent way to explain everything was paramount for us. Thank you Tina for making our lives in China easy and enjoyable. ----[Alejandro][2019/11/8][Country:United Kingdom]|

Tina was a great agent! She was never pushy and only showed me what I wanted to see. She was very helpful with also getting fapiao! Before I decided on renting the apartment she showed me she was willing to help me with a fapiao for my old place. She has also been able to answer any questions or help deal with any problems. ----[Emma][2019/10/10][Country:United States]|

Tina was the best! She was super helpful and did everything she could to make my move as pain free as possible.----[Eric][2019/9/10][Country:United States]|

----[Philip Stainton][2019/9/4][Country:United Kingdom]|

----[Thomas][2019/9/4][Country:United States]|

Tina is a very professional and helpful person. Not only to find the right apartment, also afterwards to treat everything that I needed. I can highly recommend her. ----[Thomas][2019/8/1][Country:Germany]|


She’s very nice and helpful. ----[Roxy Ye][2019/7/12][Country:Russia]|

nice person!耐心 细心 有责任心。值得信赖。很愉快的一次合作。----[Lin][2019/7/11][Country:China]|

Tina has been really reliable and helpful. She has helped me and my colleagues a lot. She is always ready to answer questions about available apartments for lease, contracts and invoice. A few years back, she went on leave. Before that though, she made sure I know who to talk to whenever I need help. She’s really considerate and professional. Thank you, Tina!----[Corazon][2019/6/29][Country:Philippines]|

Good service. If customer has a need, she will always reply as soon as possible.----[WENHONG WANG][2019/6/29][Country:China]|

Tina is a very good and efficient staff member whose service is of high quality. She is helpful, friendly and accurate. She patiently answers customers’ questions and assists them with their queries. She is well-organized and works in a timely manner, her service is very reliable. It’s a pleasure to cooperate with her! :)) ----[Emilia][2019/6/28][Country:Poland]|

OUTSTANDING JOB! I had never thought that arriving to this complex environment I would find the support and professionalism that Tina and Plus have given me. Always patient and available. I will not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you!----[JULIO][2019/5/22][Country:Spain]|

Tina has been amazing! She has fantastic communication skills and has been proactive in providing the information we needed. As an expat, it can sometimes be difficult to find accomodation that feels like home. Tina managed to find us the perfect place on the first meeting. We are very happy! Thank you Tina. ----[Neelam][2019/5/17][Country:United Kingdom]|

She did a great job getting me a fapiao in a timely manner and answered all of my questions making the process very clear. Thank you Tina ----[Emily Blow][2019/5/8][Country:United States]|

Wonderful and professional service ----[Charles Wilson][2019/4/28][Country:India]|

She has been very professional and helpful for us! Thanks for everything she has done for us!----[May][2019/4/28][Country:Russia]|

I’m very happy with her work. She is very nice and she works very well, facilitating all resources. She is very good at negotiating. I was very lucky that she was my agent, she has got the perfect house for me. ----[Zaia][2019/4/17][Country:Spain]|

The service is very good and helpful 😊👍🏻----[Nataliia][2019/2/20][Country:Ukraine]|

Very helpful, positive attitude, on time and professional to satisfy customer's needs. Great job!----[Jing Chao (Charlie)][2019/1/24][Country:China]|

Tina is very professional and quite helpful! She is great! ----[Lee][2018/12/11][Country:China]|

Thank you very much Tina for your professional service and support! Whenever we need help and support you are immediately available at any time and solve every problem very quickly! You also understand the special requirements of Expats and know how to find best solutions! Never had a better service or agent, you are the best!----[Kerstin][2018/12/4][Country:Austria]|

Tina was great. ----[Siobhan][2018/10/27][Country:Russia]|

Tina was wonderful in finding us the perfect home in record time. Recommended!----[Dana][2018/10/26][Country:United States]|

Getting a Chinese driving license could not have been easier. Tina was a huge help, highly efficient and reactive. She was always punctual, and got me through the bureaucratic labyrinth like knife through butter. Thank you very much! ----[Laszlo][2016/1/26][Country:Hungary]|

Thank you for your service Tina, very reactive and efficient, highly appreciated you were a great help.----[Aurelie][2014/10/3][Country:Canada]|

I am very satisfied with Tina's fast response and effectiveness.----[Adrian][2013/7/23][Country:Slovakia]|

Tina was very helpful for us. We are foreigners living in a strange world for us, but she made it much easier for us to settle in China. She always very swiftly responded to one of our demands and her answer was very clear and understandable. We thank her for her good service!----[Sander V*****][2013/7/9][Country:Belgium]|

I've been really pleased with Tina's dedicated work! She's always been really available and always dealt with every problem we could have in the most efficient way!----[AnneC*****][2013/7/3][Country:France]|

After four years of cooperation with Hangzhou Home and Tina as agent it is time for a compliment. Any issue starting from organising tax invoices over contract renewals to organising to fix things in the appartment was always done in a fast and efficient way. Expectations were not only fullfiled but exceeded. Thanks!----[Albert][2013/4/19][Country:Germany]|

Tina was my "woman for problems": internet, apartment constructions, paying/reminding of bills,... All my questions were answered in short time and absolutly helpful and qualified. Tina made my stay in Hangzhou way more easier and less stressful and more enjoyable! Thanks for that!----[Kim H****][2013/1/24][Country:Germany]|

Tina's Listings:
19191 Feng Ya Qian Tang 4 bedrooms/2Bath 168 7500Rmb/Month  
19192 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 140 6500Rmb/Month  
19193 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 8000Rmb/Month  
19195 Euro America Center International Apartment EAC 1 bedroom/1Bath 44 5000Rmb/Month  
19196 Jin Du Hua Ting 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 10000Rmb/Month  
19407 New Green Garden 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 10500Rmb/Month  
21198 Jin Yu Xue Fu 3 bedrooms/2Bath 170 22000Rmb/Month  
21812 Magnetic Capital 3 bedrooms/2Bath 117 10500Rmb/Month  
21409 Country Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 118 8000Rmb/Month  
21418 Yun Qi Rose Garden 5 bedrooms/4Bath 300 41600Rmb/Month  
21477 Jiang Bin Lan Ting 1 bedroom/1Bath 48 6800Rmb/Month  
21478 Shi Bao International Center 3 bedrooms/2Bath 133 15000Rmb/Month  
21483 GreenLand.XuHuiCheng 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89 7700Rmb/Month  
21486 Jiang Bin Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 10000Rmb/Month  
21493 Qiantang star city 2 bedrooms/2Bath 60 6300Rmb/Month  
21494 Jun Shang Jin Zuo 2 bedrooms/2Bath 60 6800Rmb/Month  
21496 Greentown Liu Xiang Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 119 16000Rmb/Month  
21500 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 148 18000Rmb/Month  
21513 Country Garden 4 bedrooms/2Bath 142 13000Rmb/Month  
21514 Country Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 118 9500Rmb/Month  
21516 Kang Kang Valley 2 bedrooms/2Bath 45 5200Rmb/Month  
21517 West Lake No. 8 2 bedrooms/1Bath 184 20000Rmb/Month  
21558 JIA RUN 1 bedroom/1Bath 62 4500Rmb/Month  
21584 Century Light 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 6500Rmb/Month  
21587 Country Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 118 9500Rmb/Month  
21590 Lunasea 2 bedrooms/2Bath 89 6500Rmb/Month  
21602 Jiang Jin International 1 bedroom/1Bath 45 4000Rmb/Month  
21624 Century Light 3 bedrooms/2Bath 110 6500Rmb/Month  
21730 Tian Pu Yu Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 108 9500Rmb/Month  
21739 Lunasea 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89 6500Rmb/Month  
21761 wisdom tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 42 4500Rmb/Month  
21860 Magnetic Capital 3 bedrooms/2Bath 107 8500Rmb/Month  
21877 Century Light 3 bedrooms/2Bath 110 7500Rmb/Month  
21936 wisdom world/wisdom valley 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 10000Rmb/Month  
21959 Pheonix City 4 bedrooms/2Bath 145 8300Rmb/Month  
22026 Qian Tang Da Guan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 230 14500Rmb/Month  
22079 Bi Long Wan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 89 6100Rmb/Month  
22080 Bi Long Wan 4 bedrooms/2Bath 110 8000Rmb/Month  
22089 Jin Xiu Jiang Nan 4 bedrooms/2Bath 180 10000Rmb/Month  
22104 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 89 9500Rmb/Month  


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