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Dear Plus, We have been very happy with your service and support so far. To start with: Kevin helped us to find our nice apartment. He showed us around and advised us all the way in a very professional and patient way. He was very helpful. Secondly: from the day we arrived Lisa was there for us to help us with everything. Especially for us coming into a new country with little knowledge of the language this is worth a lot. Lisa has supported us with numerous things in the past weeks and especially did a great job in finding an Ayi for us. The fact that she is available all the time for small and bigger topics is really great. Thanks to both for doing a lovely job. Best Regards. The Linthorst family ----[Jord Linthorst][2015/12/15][Country:Netherlands]|

Lisa was extremely helpful with my move-in process and had a wonderful attitude. I really appreciate all her assistance as soon as I arrived to Hangzhou. Without her, I would have struggled finding my way around and getting my necessities for the first day. She went above and beyond so thank you so much Lisa!----[Carolyn Baldonado][2015/11/28][Country:United States]|

Lisa has been great - she helped me get my driver's license here in China and expertly navigated me through the process. She also helped reschedule my test when something came up and even ran my passport to me at the train station when I forgot it. Her service was truly above and beyond!----[Will][2015/11/18][Country:United States]|

I always appreciate Lisa's help. She gives me prompt response even on weekend night. She try to communucate with management office smoothly. It makes me comfortable and happy life in china. Thanks again.----[AMY][2015/11/8][Country:South Korea]|

Lisa is very helpful and quick to respond to any concerns I have about the apartment. ----[Brian][2015/10/29][Country:United States]|

LISA, Has been helping to settle down so well in HANGZHOU. She is just a message away. Even if required her to tell us about where to buy provisions , she came with us. She helped us to get Mobile SIM connection, and when ever we get stuck up in translation , she is here to help us. We strongly recommend PLUS services and LISA's ever helping nature to all expats who wants to be comfortable in HANGZHOU .----[NEERAJ TIWARI][2015/9/20][Country:India]|

Lisa always responds to my questions and she handles quickly to get things solved. She is very easy to speak to on wechat and I feel very comfortable talking to her. She has a good sense of humor which I can appreciate. She knows how to be professional to get work done but at the same time she uses humor while working. I think this is a good thing to do. I feel very safe by having Lisa as a afterservice contact. For the future I feel that if there will be any problems with our apartment she will help us fix it. ----[Marlon][2015/9/19][Country:Netherlands]|

Thank a lot to Lisa, she help us to find a new Ayi For my 2 kids so fast. She help me during interview to explain the job and also negotiate salary with ayi. Lisa has an amazing English level and always smile really appreciate such easygoing people :) :) She catch exactly foreigner mind !! I do recommend her ----[Kiki][2015/9/16][Country:France]|

Lisa is very helpful and humble, her English communication is excellent and she always helped me in any kind of issues whether it is apartment related or not, her response is very quick, i sincerely thankful for your help and support. wish you all the best and god bless you.----[Jeewan][2015/8/23][Country:India]|

Lisa was very helpful with my ayi search. She found one in less than a week and when I decided she was not doing a good job, Lisa helped me to talk to her and found another ayi only a few hours after I told her i was not pleased with the ayi I had. She came to both interviews and helped with translation so I could make sure the ayi would do all that I wanted. I am very pleased with her job.----[Sophia][2015/7/31][Country:Brazil]|

Lisa, in a word , she is a professional. To be honest with you, I am very suffering from big different cultures linked to apaprtment equipments. When I put my questions to Lisa, she is always very warm attitude and very fast responses. Actually, I got very impressive emotion about her assitances. Sometimes, I am reluctant to make some questions about some inconvenient questions about apaprtment rental cultures. At the time , she is always very reasonable and cooperative about what kind of troubles I have at the apaprtments. Really, I would like to keep in touch with her , not only apaprtment rental issues but also life supports in Hangzhou. Lisa, I am sincerely thankful for your kindness and professional mind. I hope that I need your helps continuously here, in Hangzhou. Thank you , Lisa ^-^----[Kim kiseok][2015/7/12][Country:South Korea]|

According my 3 month stay in hangzhou there were many tasks to do befor and during my stay. Lisa with her nearly 24hour service did a very good job, without her help that would be impossible. Starting with finding a perfect housing with all my for wishes (near metro/downtown, aircond., refrigerator, kitchen, washingmachine, payable), I received 5 great options with discribtion and selfmade pictures of it to choose. After inspecting the housing together she help me with a lot helpful things, like banktransactions, nearest bus and metro stations, organisation metrocard, ordering food, instruction of chinese devices, police registration and so on. During this hole process, she was always there and spent a lot of her free time for explaining. Other place, other cultures. Thank you very much, you did an excelent job. 6 of 5 stars (2 more stars for beeing at anytime reachable and explanation of all needed informations)----[J. Sommer][2015/7/9][Country:Germany]|

Lisa was there when we arrived in Hangzhou to move into our apartment and she is still helping me when I have questions or problems. Whenever I call Lisa she responds right away. She has handled all my requests quickly, efficiently, and professionally. I have even called her on a weekend and she was very pleasant and helped me with no problems. She has done so much after moving into our apartment from setting up a mobile phone to arranging a repair service plus much more. Lisa and PLUS have helped our transition to Hangzhou.----[Trisha][2015/6/10][Country:United States]|

Lisa's been very helpful to get my driving license. The service was very quick, and I had nothing to do besides showing up for the exam. I would definitely recommend her.----[Pierre][2015/5/29][Country:France]|

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking at relocation to the Hangzhou area. Lisa knew what we were looking for and showed us only apartments that met our needs. Lisa is very helpful and thoughtful, and went out of her way to set up viewings of apartments and quickly getting us answers that we needed. She also speaks English very well, and was excellent in keeping things progressing quickly. Lisa is a perfect choice to help you find a home!----[Ted][2015/4/28][Country:United States]|

I would highly recommend Lisa to any expats out there looking at relocating to Hangzhou, or simply moving around in the Binjiang area. Lisa was very efficient in finding exactly what we were looking for in terms of criterion and price. She also took the time to really look for properties that met our needs as a family of 4, and didn¡¯t waste our time on apartments that would not work. Lisa is very helpful and thoughtful, and went out of her way to set up viewings of apartments that agreed with our schedule. She also speaks English very well, and was very helpful in negotiating a lease that had everything we were looking for. For all your housing needs, Lisa is the person to represent you! Thank you Lisa. ----[Mullen Family][2015/4/27][Country:United States]|

Lisa has been a great deal of help since day one. She listened to my requirements after our first meeting and got me exactly the apartment I was looking for. In addition her services and dedication did not end upon signing of the lease. She has helped me with the basics such as identifying grocery stores, gym facilities and restaurants that would cater to my pallet. In addition she has coordinated cleaning services as well as water delivery. Furthermore I selected a new construction and despite of the minor issues that come with new constructions Lisa has been there working with the building management company as well as the landlord to ensure everything is taken care of. As an expat I could not have asked for a better person. She has definitely made the start of a new journey in my career a walk in the park. All I have to say is THANK YOU LISA!!! ----[Dr Miguel Nogueras][2015/3/5][Country:United States]|

After I got my apartment rented through PLUS, Lisa contacted me to learn about other service I might need to have a better landing experience. One area I really needed help was the process of getting my driver's license transferred. Lisa is very professional in aiding me with this process. She is very knowledgeable in all the process needed. She came to my work and pick up all the document needed for translation, and accompany me to get the health check and test date set up. She also sent me a file with all the possible testing questions in both English and Chinese. With her help, I successfully get my Chinese license without any issue. I sincerely appreciate her service and would recommend her to anyone. ----[Douglas Huang][2015/1/16][Country:United States]|

I am very satisfied with Lisa's work. She is very fast in arranging my requests and handles everything in a correct and polite manner. Appreciate her work very much!----[Dominik][2015/1/16][Country:Austria]|

Lisa is very friendly person, easy to communicate with and very quick to respond to my calls even during the weekends. She takes the requests very sincerely and quickly arranges the right things to resolve it ASAP. Whenever I have some problems in the apartment or any other queries Lisa comes to my mind immediately. Wishing you all the best and Happy New Year!----[Arasu][2014/12/24][Country:India]|

Listen very well on my needs and comments and try to fix them immediately!----[Marco][2014/12/18][Country:Austria]|

I used the service to get the local Driving License. Lisa was very considerate and professional.Thank to her help I had the foreign license translated, got the physical check, did the test and got the driving license in just 8 days.I think no better comment can be made! I recommend her service.----[Andrea][2014/11/21][Country:Italy]|

Lisa is very caring and considerate. It took us three days and more than five apartments before I could decide but she has been very patient with me. To be honest, she is more like a friend than an agent. She is genuinely listens and considers the client's needs and does her best to find the best place for them. Thanks to Lisa, I found a really nice place within my budget! ----[Corazon][2014/11/20][Country:Philippines]|

First, i would like to take the time to thank Lisa for always being helpful and friendly. Also, her English is amazing, which helps to overcome the language barrier in China in order to avoid misunderstandings. I highly recommend her in your search of an apartment or any other real state needs that you might have. Thank you, Lisa!----[Alba Ruiz][2014/11/18][Country:Spain]|

After Lisa's initial help to find a suitable apartment for myself, I asked her to help me with getting a driver's license. Just like during the apartment search, Lisa was professional and very well organized. She helped me through every step of the process and I am more than happy with the result. She makes my life here much easier and it feels good to know someone that I can trust with these matters. ----[Alex][2014/10/31][Country:Germany]|

Lisa was very helpful in getting everything set up in my apartment. She also helped me with various other things which I needed but were not her obligation to do for me. I normally contact her if I need help with somethingand she always offer help or a solution ----[John][2014/10/30][Country:Ireland]|

Coming to China for the first time was a bit of a nervous and scary experience. Not knowing the language or anyone that could help me, I had a bit of a hard time finding an apartment for myself. After the third day of being here I got in contact with Plus. Lisa was assigned to help me with choosing a flat. I sent her my requirements by email and she promptly replied with questions of her own, so that she could gather more details on precisely what I wanted. From the first instance Lisa was professional, organised, and kept to our schedule. She had made a complete routine of what places we were going to see, how far away they were from my work, price, amenities, etc. We had a driver that took us to each location and everything was very smooth. After looking at the first few apartments, I started to gather that Lisa had a natural ability to find apartments to match near or exactly what I wanted! To be honest, it made my decision hard as all of the apartments she showed me were very nice, to my requirement and within my budget. In the end I decided on where I am now, and I am very happy! The service does NOT end there. Lisa has constantly been advising me on other difficulties that I have had throughout my stay in China. She has helped where time has allowed her to. Overall Lisa is not your typical estate agent, she is efficient, hard working, caring and looks out for your interests. I highly recommend her.----[Richard S******][2014/10/1][Country:United Kingdom]|

I have been to hangzhou for 4 years now and that's the first time I can compliment a real estate. Lisa did everything fast and very professionally. She understood the needs I had to find the best place for me. The help she gave me during the negotiation and the support to find and understand services in my residence were just perfect. I recommend Lisa for my friends who are looking for an apartment. I tried 4 agencies already and 5 real estates. No one I had experience with could compete with Lisa. Thank you again for her work. ----[Pierre B****][2014/9/30][Country:France]|

I have been to hangzhou for 4 years now and that's the first time I can compliment a real estate. Lisa did everything fast and very professionally. She understood the needs I had to find the best place for me. The help she gave me during the negotiation and the support to find and understand services in my residence were just perfect. I recommend Lisa for my friends who are looking for an apartment. I tried 4 agencies already and 5 real estates. No one I had experience with could compete with Lisa. Thank you again for her work. ----[Pierre B****][2014/9/30][Country:France]|

Lisa was awesome in finalizing the apartment we wanted. There were some issues from another agency and she took control and resolved them all. It made us very pleased with the result. I will contact her again if I need to find another apartment. Thanks, Lisa! ----[J brown][2014/9/30][Country:United States]|

I would like to take this chance and express my gratitude to Lisa for being an amazing support in finding the right apartment. She really listened to my demands and went above and beyond in making sure I could choose for the right apartment. After the first great experience I had with Plus, Lisa only added to it and I would chose for this company again when searching for an apartment. Thanks again Lisa.----[Alexander][2014/7/28][Country:Germany]|

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