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Service:Applying for a temporary Hangzhou Driver License:
1.Foreign passport
2.Your foreign driver’s license
3.Translation copy of your driver’s license (should be translated officially by Foreign Affairs Section located on the second floor of the Certificate Approval Service Center, where is on 35 Huaguang Road)
4. 4 copies of your 1 inch visa style photos with white background
5. If you are here to have organized tourism, tournament or other intercourse activity, you should submit the proof from the related management section.
6. The contract with the Car Rental Service Company. (The car you use should only be from
Rental Service Company)
7. Go to Hangzhou Vehicle Management Bureau to get your temporary driver’s license, where is on 699, Gudun Road
Service:Applying for a formal Hangzhou Driver License:
1.Foreign passport
2.Residence permit (issued by Entry-Exit Administration Division of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau)
3.Proof of your declaration of temporary residence (issued by your neighborhood police station)
4.Your foreign driver’s license
5.Translation copy of your driver’s license (should be translated officially by Foreign Affairs Section located on the second floor of the Certificate Approval Service Center)
6. 4 copies of your 1 inch visa style photos with white background
7. Application form and Health check form both can be found at the No. 49 window of Hangzhou Driver’s License Customer Service Centers which is on the 2nd floor.
8.Buy a Science Examination Guide to Zhejiang Motor Vehicle Drivers at No.27 Window(Or download relative Mobile APP)
9.Make a reservation for the Theory Test at No. 2 Window, then they will tell you when to have the theory exam

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Tina Xu  
Cellphone: 13023655029
Land Line: 86-571-86069360


Service Fee to get your driver license: RMB 2000 all included

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Agent:Tina||Client's Name:Laszlo.[Country:Hungary]|Comments:Getting a Chinese driving license could not have been easier. Tina was a huge help, highly efficient and reactive. She was always punctual, and got me through the bureaucratic labyrinth like knife through butter. Thank you very much! [From ip:<>]

Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Will.[Country:United States]|Comments:Lisa has been great - she helped me get my driver's license here in China and expertly navigated me through the process. She also helped reschedule my test when something came up and even ran my passport to me at the train station when I forgot it. Her service was truly above and beyond![From ip:<>]

Agent:Lisa||Clients Name:Andrea.- [Country:Italy]|||Comments:I used the service to get the local Driving License. Lisa was very considerate and professional.Thank to her help I had the foreign license translated, got the physical check, did the test and got the driving license in just 8 days.I think no better comment can be made! I recommend her service.[From ip:<>]

Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Douglas Huang.[Country:United States]|Comments:After I got my apartment rented through PLUS, Lisa contacted me to learn about other service I might need to have a better landing experience. One area I really needed help was the process of getting my driver's license transferred. Lisa is very professional in aiding me with this process. She is very knowledgeable in all the process needed. She came to my work and pick up all the document needed for translation, and accompany me to get the health check and test date set up. She also sent me a file with all the possible testing questions in both English and Chinese. With her help, I successfully get my Chinese license without any issue. I sincerely appreciate her service and would recommend her to anyone. [From ip:<>]

Agent:Lisa||Client's Name:Pierre.[Country:France]|Comments:Lisa's been very helpful to get my driving license. The service was very quick, and I had nothing to do besides showing up for the exam. I would definitely recommend her.[From ip:<>]

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