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Ryan was born and raised in Hang Zhou.His major in university is English Literature. With his strong knowledge of Hang Zhou and outstanding customer service skills, Ryan can understand the specific needs of his clients to help them find their perfect home property in Hang Zhou. When he's not working, Ryan enjoys movies and sports. Ryan speaks English ,Putonghua and a little bit Japanese.
Size:89 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 42 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Dinning Room Kitchen

Size:139 m2
Layout:4 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 42 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Oriental Royal
Size:268 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/3Bath
Updated 46 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom

Yuan Yang Guo Ji Jin Zuo
Size:49 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 83 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Euro America Center International Apartment EAC
Xi Hu District
Size:45 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 97 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Kitchen

Wan Tong Center
Size:75 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 102 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Jin Ri Jia Yuan
Size:65 m2
Layout:1 bedroom/1Bath
Updated 102 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

Sheng Yuan Hui Gu
Size:158 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 112 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Dinning Room Kitchen

Haiwei International
Binjiang District
Size:130 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 117 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Dinning Room Kitchen

Jin Ji Xiao Lu Apartment
Jiang gan District
Size:136 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 117 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom

Ming Yue Jiang Nan
Size:135 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 117 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom

Kang Kang Valley
Size:46 m2
Layout:2 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 124 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Dinning Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom

The Mixc Apartment
Size:196 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 112 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom

Vanke Qian Tang Fu
Size:87 m2
Layout:2 bedrooms/1Bath
Updated 130 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Kitchen Dinning Room

Royal West Lake
westlake district
Size:165 m2
Layout:3 bedrooms/2Bath
Updated 161 days ago by Agent:Ryan

Living Room Bedrooms-Master Bedroom Bedrooms-2nd Bedroom

Ryan's comments:
Great support, friendly and good English. Everything worked out smooth, good service and totally satisfying. Thank you for everything 😉----[Dominik][2018/3/28][Country:Germany]|

Ryan has been very helpful to find a good apartment in a short notice period. He always answered very quickly to all my requests. Thank you Ryan!----[Nicolas][2018/2/13][Country:Switzerland]|

Ryan is an extraordinary dedicated agent who keeps doing his best to satisfy the customers wishes and requirements. His polite and likeable personality convinces both the tenants and the landlords. He always responds to customer`s requests and questions immediately which makes the customers feel beeing taken care of very well. His perfekt English makes any kind of conversation easy and uncomplicated. Ryan is a highly recommended agent from personality and professionalism point of view. He found the perfect apartment for me and my family for an unbeatable low lease. Many thanks to Ryan for doing his job so well. ----[Daniel][2018/1/12][Country:Germany]|

I was lucky to see Ryan !! He is very kind and honest!!! Furthermore he has tried to find a ideal apartment for me, although I made a lot of requests. I myself and my family appreciate you and whatever you gave us. Thank you very much.----[Takashi U.][2017/12/12][Country:Japan]|

Ryan was an excellent agent. Was always attentive to anything and everything we asked or pointed out. Not only helpful but always patient and friendly. ----[Jessie Arrogante][2017/11/21][Country:Australia]|

I wish to convey my great appreciation for the excellent work done by Mr. Ryan Mars, the agent with whom i worked in finding an apartment in Hangzhou. Ryan was thorough, honest and knowledgeable throughout the process. As a foreigner I found Ryan's knowledge of English, his conscientiousness and his sense of steadfastness in helping me understand the rental processto be tremendously valuable. Ryan was a pleasure to work with. I recommend him enthusiastically. ----[Michael Grady][2017/10/12][Country:United States]|

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ryan for his professional service starting from searching the available apartment to suit for my need, negotiating with the landlord for all my additional requests and dealing with the tenancy agreement. All the steps were completed to my satisfaction. He is responsible, patient and is a native English speaker which made me feel confident.. I definitely recommend Ryan if you need to rent apartment in Hangzhou. ----[][2017/10/10][Country:Russia]|

Excellent service during the renting process.----[Carlos Boedo][2017/9/20][Country:Spain]|

Ryan has been a great agent. He speaks very good English and has helped me throughout any minor and/or major arrangements in regards to me finding and confirming my housing situation . As a foreigner in a country were most people speak little English it was great to have such a helpful gentleman as my agent. He is friendly, kind and will go above and beyond to ensure that everything is settled. All my expectations have been met due to his hard work, diligence and determination to create a safe transition for my move here. I am forever grateful! He is an asset to this company. Thank you! ----[E.G.][2017/8/31][Country:Russia]|

Ryan is very friendly and helpful. I had very specific requirements for apartment and he only showed me apartments that met those requirements. He has also been a great resource, assisting me in communications with my landlord before and after lease signing. I would definitely recommend working with Ryan!----[Noy][2017/7/31][Country:United States]|

Ryan has been very helpful in apartment hunting. He was very reactive and responsive to our demands. Our apartment visits went all smoothly and were done very efficiently. Ryan also had a good understanding of the constraint of my company paying the rent. Overall, i would recommend Ryan' services without hesitation. ----[benjiamin][2017/7/31][Country:France]|

Dear Ryan, Thank you for your professional support during our house rental. We are so pleased that we eventually found the perfect place for us. The competency of you and your team impressed me very much, you excel at your work in every way possible. We can't thank you enough for the care and attention you gave us over the last month. Thanks again for the wonderful experience. Sincerely Hannah----[Hannah][2017/4/24][Country:Austria]|

Everything happened as we deal, thanks to you Ryan. Big Hug! ----[Daniel][2017/4/10][Country:Portugal]|

Thanks a lot for helping us to find new place! We really love it! Professional service that I can recommend to my friends!----[Marcin][2017/3/28][Country:Poland]|

Great job, Ryan has been very helpful throughout the process. Recommended!----[Melanie][2017/3/12][Country:France]|

Thanx to Ruan for good and fast job! He find nice apartment for me in really good area! Also he help me with my stuff and Wi-Fi----[Kristina][2017/3/8][Country:Russia]|

Very helpful, friendly and great support. Helped with organizing tax invoice, negotiated with landlord, organized all required documents and Internet. Everything good :-) ----[Dominik Beinlich][2017/3/7][Country:Germany]|

Ryan's Listings:
19700 XIXI MING ZUO 1 bedroom/1Bath 42 2500Rmb/Month  
19703 Ocean Mansion 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 6200Rmb/Month  
19853 Zhong Tian Xi Cheng Ji Apartment 1 bedroom/1Bath 41 4200Rmb/Month  
19854 Red Stone Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 137 11500Rmb/Month  
19771 Rainbow city 2 bedrooms/2Bath 130 6500Rmb/Month  
19832 Wharf Jun Xi 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 11000Rmb/Month  
19848 Euro America Center International Apartment EAC 1 bedroom/1Bath 45 4800Rmb/Month  
19857 The Grand Canal Paradise. Green Town 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 7500Rmb/Month  
19862 Rainbow city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 8500Rmb/Month  
19978 Tong Ce Plaza 3 bedrooms/2Bath 137 7500Rmb/Month  
19985 Wu Lin Mansion 2 bedrooms/1Bath 93 13500Rmb/Month  
20244 Swan Castle 1 bedroom/1Bath 60 5500Rmb/Month  
20787 Jin Ri Jia Yuan 1 bedroom/1Bath 65 4800Rmb/Month  
20789 Wan Tong Center 1 bedroom/1Bath 75 6500Rmb/Month  
20792 Sheng Yuan Hui Gu 3 bedrooms/2Bath 165 10000Rmb/Month  
20971 Oriental Royal 3 bedrooms/3Bath 268 26000Rmb/Month  
20980 FuLiShiHao 4 bedrooms/2Bath 139 10000Rmb/Month  
20982 MingChenGongGuan 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 7200Rmb/Month  
20149 Silver Horse Apartment 4 bedrooms/2Bath 167 13000Rmb/Month  
20212 GreenLand.XuHuiCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 5800Rmb/Month  
20221 Chun Jiang Hua Yue 2 bedrooms/1Bath 65 6300Rmb/Month  
20224 Upper MIXC 1 bedroom/1Bath 80 9500Rmb/Month  
20227 Feng Hua Fu Di 4 bedrooms/2Bath 220 13000Rmb/Month  
20229 Jin Long Qian Jiang MoHo 1 bedroom/1Bath 68 4600Rmb/Month  
20230 Qiantang star city 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 5500Rmb/Month  
20237 Imperial Landscape 2 bedrooms/1Bath 88 5800Rmb/Month  
20251 Vanke Qian Tang Fu 4 bedrooms/2Bath 132 11000Rmb/Month  
20252 Swan Castle 1 bedroom/1Bath 60 5000Rmb/Month  
20254 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 142 10000Rmb/Month  
20255 Imperial Landscape 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 8000Rmb/Month  
20256 Lan Ting International 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 10500Rmb/Month  
20269 Ocean Mansion 1 bedroom/1Bath 69 5800Rmb/Month  
20271 Upper MIXC 1 bedroom/1Bath 80 8500Rmb/Month  
20272 Ming Jue Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 117 13000Rmb/Month  
20273 FengHuaJunTing 3 bedrooms/1Bath 105 8000Rmb/Month  
20276 Wan Xin Tower 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 5300Rmb/Month  
20277 Zhong Tian Xi Cheng Ji Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 49 4500Rmb/Month  
20296 JiaLvFuYuan 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 7000Rmb/Month  
20297 Shui An Feng Ting 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 9000Rmb/Month  
20302 Xi Zi Ming Yuan 3 bedrooms/1Bath 105 12000Rmb/Month  
20305 Wu Tong Apartment 2 bedrooms/2Bath 127 10000Rmb/Month  
20307 Green Garden 3 bedrooms/1Bath 160 18000Rmb/Month  
20308 City Star 4 bedrooms/2Bath 290 30000Rmb/Month  
20309 Swan Castle 1 bedroom/1Bath 65 4800Rmb/Month  
20310 international peninsula 2 bedrooms/1Bath 79 8500Rmb/Month  
20311 international peninsula 2 bedrooms/2Bath 89 9000Rmb/Month  
20315 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 142 11000Rmb/Month  
20316 Twin Tower 1 bedroom/1Bath 45 6500Rmb/Month  
20323 JiaLvFuYuan 1 bedroom/1Bath 80 6000Rmb/Month  
20324 Feng Hua Fu Di 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 6600Rmb/Month  
20326 Qianjiang International 1 bedroom/1Bath 65 7000Rmb/Month  
20327 Ocean Mansion 2 bedrooms/1Bath 86 7000Rmb/Month  
20329 QinYuan Compound 3 bedrooms/1Bath 120 12000Rmb/Month  
20330 Repulse Bay City Garden 1 bedroom/1Bath 58 4500Rmb/Month  
20331 Upper MIXC 2 bedrooms/1Bath 104 13000Rmb/Month  
20332 Legend City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 132 12000Rmb/Month  
20362 Wu Lin Mansion 2 bedrooms/1Bath 94 13500Rmb/Month  
20376 FuDingJiaYuan 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 4500Rmb/Month  
20378 Zhong Tian Xi Cheng Ji Apartment 1 bedroom/1Bath 46 4500Rmb/Month  
20383 HeJingDieCaiYuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 105 5800Rmb/Month  
20384 Tong Ren Square 1 bedroom/1Bath 52 3800Rmb/Month  
20386 LanZuanTianCheng 1 bedroom/1Bath 60 5000Rmb/Month  
20399 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 45 4500Rmb/Month  
20405 Crystal City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 127 12000Rmb/Month  
20406 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/2Bath 43 4300Rmb/Month  
20410 Xi Zi Ming Yuan 3 bedrooms/2Bath 107 12000Rmb/Month  
20411 XiXi Li 3 bedrooms/2Bath 155 9000Rmb/Month  
20417 The Mixc Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 130 17500Rmb/Month  
20428 JinMao Residence 3 bedrooms/1Bath 89 7500Rmb/Month  
20431 Qiantang Royal 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 8000Rmb/Month  
20433 Chun Jiang Li Cheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 9000Rmb/Month  
20449 Nandu Yinzuo 2 bedrooms/1Bath 114 7500Rmb/Month  
20450 Qianjiang International 1 bedroom/1Bath 60 6200Rmb/Month  
20453 Jiang Bin Lan Ting 1 bedroom/1Bath 60 7000Rmb/Month  
20454 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 53 4700Rmb/Month  
20455 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 52 4600Rmb/Month  
20459 Sheng Yuan Hui Gu 3 bedrooms/2Bath 150 9500Rmb/Month  
20460 Rainbow city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 158 12000Rmb/Month  
20474 Orchid Garden 2 bedrooms/1Bath 120 13000Rmb/Month  
20482 Century new city 3 bedrooms/2Bath 135 9000Rmb/Month  
20483 San Bao Jun Ting 1 bedroom/1Bath 66 4600Rmb/Month  
20484 Wenxi Louis Garden 3 bedrooms/2Bath 135 12000Rmb/Month  
20485 Wu Lin Mansion 2 bedrooms/1Bath 133 20000Rmb/Month  
20495 Ming Jue Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 110 14000Rmb/Month  
20496 Red Stone Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 120 11500Rmb/Month  
20500 Swan Castle 1 bedroom/1Bath 65 5000Rmb/Month  
20510 Nan Shan Road Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 10000Rmb/Month  
20511 Wharf Jun Xi 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 13000Rmb/Month  
20512 Beyond City 3 bedrooms/2Bath 137 9500Rmb/Month  
20520 Hang Zhou Yin 1 bedroom/1Bath 50 6500Rmb/Month  
20524 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 45 3800Rmb/Month  
20550 Shui An Feng Ting 2 bedrooms/1Bath 89 9000Rmb/Month  
20553 Wenxi Louis Garden 3 bedrooms/1Bath 110 9000Rmb/Month  
20555 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 55 4400Rmb/Month  
20556 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 45 4100Rmb/Month  
20557 BaFangCheng 2 bedrooms/1Bath 45 4300Rmb/Month  
20558 Feng Hua Fu Di 2 bedrooms/1Bath 80 6600Rmb/Month  
20559 Jindu Matrix 2 bedrooms/1Bath 105 8500Rmb/Month  
20564 The Mixc Apartment 3 bedrooms/2Bath 140 17000Rmb/Month  
20565 The Mixc Apartment 2 bedrooms/1Bath 90 12000Rmb/Month  


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