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The Dreamland (Jin Se Hai An)
Nearly new compound
It is both popular with locals and the expat community(2, 3, & 4 bedroom apartments)
The apartments are equipped with all modern      facilities(western style kitchen)
The facilities are very family friendly
Friendly but effective security
Close to Mixc Mall and metro
Dreamland has Very friendly staff, always ready to help with carrying or anything else
Great gym facilities, indoor pool, Clubhouse with restaurant Beautiful garden area with mini golf field and places to picnic Indoor ballroom/play area for children during bad weather
Dreamland has been wonderful with kids, very sociable, many friends to play with
It is a great location, near everything you need, do not need a car, taxis easily available and a walking distance to closest food stores
not too far from HIS
Construction is mostly completed already in the near vicinity, also sound proofing in Dreamland is better than in most places

NO.6 Fuchun Road,
Shang Cheng District
15 mins drive to Mixc Mall
20 mins drive to H.I.S, westlake
   Carrefour and downtown Hangzhou
30 mins to Metro
10 mins walking to new Wu-mart which is opening very soon
15 mins  to train station( by car)
Taxi are quite accessible
Gym centre
Indoor heated pool and                 outdoor pool
Basketball  court,2 tennis courts
Children's indoor/outdoor play rarea
On site is a small convenience store  open from(approx) 7:00-22:30 and a
New Wu-mart(10 mins walk)
Grandmas' kitchen and the  newly opened Intercontinental Hotel
  Underground Parking
Uncoverd carpark
Water view
big grass areas
     courtyard for walking    your dog
The surroundings are very green although high buildings surround situated on the riverbank
2-4bedrooms+ 1 separate maid room
air conditioning / heating and double-glazing
Dreamland has very well equipped modern and Western kitchens, (Siemens), good water pressure, modern showers and bathtub
Apartments of all sizes, well-planned, Western standard
Well heated/cooled

Sometimes hard to get taxi
Some delay may occur in wet
weather and in the height of the
New Green Garden  North of the river and southeast of the lake
Finished in early 2010
There are modest sized 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments in addition to the penthouse units, which are significantly larger
All apartments are finished the same
The compound is next to the Dreamland compound where lots of HIS families live, and Sunshine Coast - a nearly finished compound

97 Kun Peng Road,
Shang Cheng District 
25 mins to H.I.S Clubhouse with gym
Outdoor swimming pool
Outdoor playground
The river path just south of the compound is a great place to walk or take the kids on a bike ride
movie theater
Coffee bar 
Full-time Medical physician( Chinese medicine) Underground Parking
small, quiet atmosphere and the beautiful garden 2-4 bedrooms
the interior is very tastefully decorated with heated floors in the bathrooms.
All Siemens appliances
There is a built-in dishwasher and microwave in the kitchen
No built-in oven, but plenty of room for a large counter-top oven
The AC system works great for fully heating and cooling the apartment
Spring River Flower Moon ( Chun Jiang Hua Yue) Big Compound With Lots of green Qianjiang Road,
Shang Cheng District
20 mins drive to H.I.S
20 mins Westlake and downtown Hangzhou(you can even go on your bike)
15 mins to Mixc Mall, Tesco
20 mins to Carrefour
30 mins to Metro
new Wu Mart will open end of December just 10 minutes from here
a smaller supermarket Lian Hua with daily essentials within 10 mins walk
Gym center
Baketball court
Indoor heated pool (all year round)
outdoor pool (only July and August)
Starbucks coffee infront of west gate
Not far from New wu-mart super market 
Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital ( with international
department during office hours)15 mins away
Underground parking  Beautiful landscaping
 very clean 
2-4 bedrooms
small kitchen in our apartment but big apartments are different
Heating is with air conditioner, which works good for us in both winter and summer
The compound already exists for 10 years
The state of the apartments depends on the owner
Sometimes hard to get taxi
It depends very much where you live, there is a lot of traffic, it can sometimes be very noisy as the area is still under construction and a lot of heavy trucks are passing at night
problems with parking 
 Ease Sky Plaza (Yi Tian Plaza) Sky Plaza has apartments well done, with good quality
gated community with guards at entrance
very large compound - plenty of room for children to run/bike/scooter around
in quieter part of Hangzhou - you can escape from the hussle and bussle of the citycenter
many expats with children at HIS live
a few long term expats that have lived here for 4+years
close to river - lots of areas to walk and bike
upper level apartments have views of river and mountains
ower level apartments have views of landscaped gardens and ponds
3 and 4 bedroom apartments available - some larger than others
No traffic at all
Nearer from Xiaoshan airport
Dongxin Avenue,
Binjiang District
5 mins walk to H.I.S, Just opposite
30mins to  Xiaoshan Airport
walking distance to two grocery shops (Vanguard and Lianhua)
bus depot next to school - takes you to Starbucks, McDonalds, Tesco, InTime and the train station
you can always catch a taxi on Dongxin Avenue to take you to town
gym with pool (this costs extra to join)
Baketball court
Tennies court
lagoon style outdoor pool
Many small markets with fresh vegetables, chicken, pork and seafood
Days Hotel 10min walk on Dongxin Avenue - good if you have family or guests coming to visit
Referring to glossary you can find everything here
  Underground Parking
Uncoverd carpark
View of the Great River bay
beautifully landscaped gardens with childrens play
√2,3,4 bedrooms
20 mins drive from the city center
Not much activities for kids,But during weekends everybody go out and you can meet many foreigners outside.
Easy to get a taxi, but not in rainy days and rush hour (7h10-8h30, 16h30-18h00)
No that much restaurants, but this district is developing very fast. The government has the idea to convert Binjiang into the new Pudong ( area in Shanghai)
centre management, gym staff, guards etc don't speak English
Still few people living here
Better to have a car, if you are
new with driver at least for the first year. Later you will be able to drive after get familiar with the city.
Rainbow City (Cai Hong Cheng) Center Complex of Bin jiang
Big compound with beautiful river view, jogging/running along the river gives you a good start of the day
Binjiang Close to H.I.S, 10 mins driving distance
Public bus stops at both main gate and side gate
Walking distance to Starbucks, grocery shops, bakeries, local market…
Outdoor pool
Kids playground
basketball courts
tennis court
badminton courts
Grocery shops
local markets
Good shops street inside complex
  Underground Parking
Uncoverd carpark
View of the Qian Tang River
View of the mountain at the other side of river
  Not many school families living here
All apartments, no house
Lots of apartments don't
have built-in oven and
Rose Garden West In this area you will find only low rise buildings
This is fairly new compound with large 4 bedroom houses and private gardens
a house with a garden to an apartment
close to the tea hills,which are ideal for road/mountain biking for adults and older kids
It is more convenient if you would have a car when you live in this area
128 Zhijiang Road,
Xihu District,
located South West of the Lake
5 mins away from Hangzhou Rose Garden Resort Hotel
Easy to get a taxi, except on rainy days

Gym center indoor and outdoor pool ( Both are in Hangzhou Rose Garden Resort Hotel)
biking on the mountain
Close by is the village called Zhuantang, which has some good fresh produce markets, a super market and some small shops     Close to tea hill,
air is fresh
  The downside is that there are not so many other children living in this area
Rose Garden East A lot of nature stays in this neighborhood and see a squirrel or a pheasant to trees around the house
older compound with only houses
Rose Garden East is now quite empty, not many foreigners left.
compound behind a hill makes it good for mountain climbing and hiking of course, you can easily spend outdoor life
Rose Garden is located inside the Tourist Development zone, therefore all the environment of the circumference is protected by the Development committee
It is near some big tourist attractions such as Six Harmonies Pagoda (liù hé tǎ), and Song Dynasty Theme park(A radius of less than 10km)
Sometimes you  also can watch the Tidal bore once in a year on the Qiantang River in front of our compound
20 Wu Yun Dong Road,
off Zhijiang Road
Near Six Harmonies pagoda and  Song Dynasty Theme park
Near Zhuantang 
Tennis court
Outdoor swimming pool
Simple sports gym
      A lot of nature stays   many houses are under renovation and does interior construction for building deterioration
The security management of this compound is getting worse, it was better security and management system a few years ago
Houses were falling apart, had bad management
Jingyue Wan Compound area is not so big
A lot of houses are empty and need renovation
The compound area is not so big, so people can explore on their own
A lot of houses are empty and definitely need renovation. At the moment lots of houses are under construction
The compound has deteriorated
it’s very convenient to have a car if you live in this area
It’s not so noisy and there is a lot of nature
near the tea villages, nature is very beautiful.
No. 8 Changlong Road 25 mins drive to H.I.S
Low traffic to go downtown
Near Zhuantang 
biking and playing around
in the compound
Close by is a small village,
Zhuantang,you can buy everything there
There is also a big supermarket nearby.
    A lot of nature stays   No heater in the apartment
The facilities run down and not always operational
There is an outside swimming pool. But this year they didn’t open it
West Lake Golf Villas It is a beautiful quiet compound
the houses are really big and spacious
There are only houses for rent here
It is a relatively new compound so houses are nicer
It is close to a fresh produce Market and a Chinese super Market
house with garden,beautiful view, quiet
nature: birds, fishes, squirrels,..., trees with fruits
No.200 of Zhi Jiang Road 25 min car drive to school
Low traffic to go downtown
Near Zhuantang 
green areas in the compound for playing soccer or badminton, little playground,
outdoor pool open in summer, gym, table tennis, billard, restaurant and golf course
small village biking distance with a supermarket, fruit market, small shops,

    A lot of nature stays
Beautiful view and quiet
  it is difficult to get taxis so u must have your own vehicle
It is a little far from town,takes around 30-35 min
far away from most places, time distance depends on the traffic
no taxis 
Hubin Gongyu Hubin Gongyu is a residence of 60 apartments (9 floors) situated on the eastern side of the lake
Most apartments have 3 or 4 bedrooms.
It's right in the middle of town, with plenty of tourists around during the weekends.
A good place to live if you have no car
No.78 Kaiyuan Road,
Shang Cheng District
2 minutes away walking distance to the lake and to the famous area «xihu tiandi»
The train station is 10 minutes away by car and 30 minutes by walk
Taxis are quite easy to find (of course rainy days could be troublesome as anywhere in the city)
20-30 minutes drive from HIS
You have nearly everything within walking distance: supermarkets (Carrefour, Citylife), restaurants, coffee (at least 3 Starbuck within 5 minutes!), shops (Toys'r us, H&M, Watson...), banks and 2 upper-range hotels with indoor swimming pools and gym
  Supermarkets( Carrefour, Citylife)
restaurants, starbuck( at least 3)
Intime shopping mall
Banks ,Hotels,
  Underground Parking
Parts View of westlake from apartment
Fantastic view of the lake from the top roof
3-4 bedrooms no real park or outside playground for the younger kids or play area in Hangzhou
Legend City new compound, quiet, nice greens and
 playgrounds for children
a lot of supermarkets quite near
Tian Mu Shan Road and Jiaogong Road Easy to get taxi and bus
Century market, Trust Mart, Supermarket in Hangzhou Tower (Hanghzou DaSha) (which has the best choice of cheese in Hangzhou), Computer market McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks in walking distance,several Western Restaurants in walking distance.
Chinese School in walking distance
very easy to get taxi
many Bus lines
close to Dragon stadium and other sport centers
Montessorie Kindergarten nearby
10 min bike ride to the Westlake
10 min bike ride to Hangzhou DaSha (only two stations with Bus)
20 min bike ride or 20 min with car to Carrefour
20 min with car to train station
20 min to Metro, Decathlon and Hola

Out door swimming pool Century market
Trust market
Supermarket in Hangzhou Tower
Computer market
Mcdonald, KFC, Pizza Hut etc.
  Underground Parking
    35-40 min to international school
not many families live in this area
very small kitchen in the apartments
no soccer field 
Mixc Apartment Face The Citizen Center
Center of the Qian Jiang CBD. 2.Consisting of 3 high-rise buildings about 160m.
No.701 Fu Chun Road
The Mixc Living Area
Jiang Gan District
Near The Qin Chun Square
Next to the Qian Tang River
Indoor swimming Pool
Music Hall etc
Kid's Play Ground
The Mixc shopping Mall          
Beyond City  Four river view buildings and one 32-story apartment tower concept,unit area are 85-260 square meters. No.1222,Dong Xin Da Dao
Binjiang District

  Swimming pool outdoor
Children's traning center
Century Markert
Deep Blue Plaza Located at Chao Hui Rd, close to Westlake Culture Square and Wulin Square, near to Grand Canal at North.
Including two 27-floor high-rise apartment building and 1 office building.
5-star hotel standard service apartment.
The main apartment layout is 160sqms for 3 bedrooms
203 Chao Hui Rd
Xia Chen District
close to Westlake Culture Square and Wulin Square
near to Grand Canal at North
Book Bar
Cigar Bar
Frontdesk Service
Century Mart
vanguard supermarket
Oriental royal apartment  every parking place need 100rmb/month management fee .
The club house card has family card ,the kids were free
This complex belonged to the Si Ji Qing police station ,the number is 86960605 
No.9 of Qian Chao Road
Qian Jiang New City
Jiang Gan District
  Run Yuan Hui club house
Outdoor Playground
Mixc Mall          
Shan Shui Ren Jia The big complex was located at Corssing road of Tianmushan Road and Feng Tan Rd.
It has 60 buidings of different type of apartments.
It have Xiang Xi Di,Bai Sha Dao,Cai Yun Tian,Shi Jia Gu,Mei Lin Quan,Qing Shui Wan,and Xiao Xiang Ju .Has Big Range of Layout sorts
396 Tian Mu Shan Rd
West Town Living Area
Xi Hu District
  swimming pool
tennis court
basketball court
Children's playground
Sunshine Coast The Sunshine Coast located at The NEW CBD area of Qian Jiang New City
The project was finished at 1st January of 2011
The main layout is 390sqms and 490sqms
198 apartment in Total
All the apartment has full river view
It is the Best and the most luxury Apartment in hangzhou
Intersection of Zhi Jiang Road and Yong Jiang Road
Uptown District
Indoor swimming Pool
Kid's Play Ground
Wu Mart Super Market          
Wu lin Palace Composed of six living buildings and one business building.
25mins walking to Xihu Culture Plaza, 10mins walking to Wulin Plaza, 15mins to Hangzhou Tower.
Xia cheng District 25mins walking to Xihu Culture Plaza,
10mins walking to Wulin Plaza
15mins to Hangzhou Tower. 
Century Mart
Rainbow Luxury Located between the fitst Qian Jiang Bridge and the fourth Qianjiang Bridge
Rainbow heights enjoys convenient transportation, superior location, elegant environment, which renders it a hihg-quality and fantastic residential compound.
With quiet community, all inclusive amenities, the life here is very convenient.
The compound is classic modern compound.
No.4400 Binsheng Road
Rainbow City area
Indoor swimming poor (30rmb/time) supermarket          
Green Garden Located at Huang Long Stadium,west and south side,The Green Garden is one of the classic Complex in hangzhou.
Hong Song Yuan,Zhi Zhu Yuan,Bai Lan Yuan,Yin Xing Yuan.
The Main layout is 130sqms for 3 bedrooms,and 160sqms 3 bedrooms and 180sqms for 4bedrooms .
Most of apartments can see the center garden,Bao Shi Shan or the Big Stadium
163 Yu Gu Rd
Yellow Dragon Stadium Living Area
Xi Hu District
sliding board
Silver Horse Totally 4 buildings inside .But only have No.1,2,3,5buildings .
The complex has a club and club own a gym
The complex has a outdoor swimming pool and outdoor basket court
The layout has 2bedroom,3bedroom,4bedroom
apartment furish was depends on landlord's style .
Jiao Gong Road
Xi Hu District
chess room
outdoor swimming pool
outdoor basket court
Wu-mart       2-4 bedroomd
apartment furish was depends on landlord's style
Xixi Heaven Located at crossing of Tianmushan Rd & Zi Jing Gang Rd
in the Xixi Commercial Residential Quarter
Completed services, near by hospital, supermarket, primary and junior school, banks,etc.

Cross of tianmushan Road and zijinggan raod
Xihu District
  swimming pool
west city plaza          
Cheng Shi Xin Yu   No.118 wen yi road
Hang Zhou
Yun Qi Die Gu Located in the central area of the holiday piece of noble residence in the national tourism zone of Zhijiang River
in the entrance of the West Lake scenic Yun Xi Zhu Jing and Meijia Wu, backed by the Yunshan foothills of landscape Qixiu, facing the Qiantang River Haovague to broaden our horizons.
Number 138, Zhi Jiang Road
Xi Hu District
Oriental Garden Villa area built on 2000;There are university and primary school nearby
Located at the Xi Hu area, the environment is
very good and pleasing.
No.196 Zhijiang Rd     Shopping mall near Six Harmony Pogada